What does “aging in place” mean?

The term ‘Aging in Place’ has been assigned for when an individual desires
to stay living in their existing home, or when someone plans to purchase or
build a ‘final home’ to live out their lives.

Is ‘Aging in Place’ the right choice for everyone? No.
But here are some criteria which would make you a good candidate.

Who should Age in Place?
1) healthy, active Seniors
2) socially and physically capable, individuals
3) when finances dictate this as the logical option
4) your home provides safe entrance, exit, and mobility
5) you have a good support network
6) you can safely access your community to meet your needs
7) your needs for security and assistance are able to be met

This description and criteria has been provided by Christine Evoniuk of
Trusted Transitions NW, LLC. Christine has worked in the field of
Occupational Therapy for over 25 years as a physical rehabilitation
therapist. In her business, she consults and provides home modification
solutions to individuals desiring to ‘age in place’. Her focus is to maximize
the safety, accessibility, and function of the home environment to meet the
needs of the individual. Christine also provides Interior Design Services for
new home construction if you’re desiring to build that last ‘forever home’.!

For Home Assessment, Home Modification and Interior Design consultation
services Christine can be reached at: 360-910-5754