Columbian Home Book

Well after months of talking about it, we finally are launching our monthly Master On Main Homes page in the Columbian Home Book.  The idea to publish this page has been around for a while but we were just too busy to give it the attention that it needed.  After talking with potential home buyers last fall, we were constantly reminded of the huge market for homes with the master bedroom on the main level and their focused search for that single home feature

When you think about how websites and “home books” are designed, they really do not make much sense.  All of the agents listings are grouped together in 3 basic categories.

  • A large group of random listings from a particular brokerage
  • A smaller portfolio of random listings from a particular real estate agent
  • A handful of listings for a particular sub-division or community

Unless your home search is based on buying from a specific brokerage or one specific agent, this format is less than helpful to say the least.  There is no groupings of listings by type of home at all.

Terms like spacious, view, luxury, cozy, green and many others are very much in the eye of the beholder and can be very subjective.  The feature of the master bedroom on the main level is a very specific search criteria.  Either the master bedroom is on the main level or it is not.  Simple, right?

So our belief is that if you are a home buyer searching for a home with the master bedroom on the main level, this website is the best option for you.  There are no ads, no fluff and no listings that do not have the master on the main level.

Agents, if you would like to have your listing featured in the next Columbian Home Book in the Master on Main Homes section, please contact us.