The Master On Main Home

As we age, we plan how to live out the remainder of our lives with safety and comfort. Often times this means purchasing a home with a master bedroom on the main floor. While this investment almost certainly will help you stay in your home longer, there are some challenges which arise while hunting for your ideal home.

As of Feb. 9, 2016, there were 297 local homes listed for sale in the RMLS (Regional Multiple Listing Service) which were either new, under construction or proposed[1].  Of those 297 homes, 148 of them were being built with the master on the main. These numbers are proof homebuilders are taking notice of the buying community led by baby boomers. Although about 50% of these homes feature a master on main floor plan, homebuyers are faced with some interesting challenges when searching for this feature.

The first challenge is simply the price per square foot difference between plans with a master on the main and plans where the master is on the second story.  Of the 297 new homes listed for sale with the master on the second level, the average price per square foot is $164.00. The average price per square foot for the master on main homes is $198.00. This is roughly a $35.00 per square foot difference.

An additional challenge is finding the master on main feature in the same home as other desirable features. With lot sizes getting smaller, features like a three car garage or extended covered patios are becoming very hard to come by with single level home plans.  The footprints of a single level home with these additions are typically hard to fit on the common 6,000 to 8,000 square foot lots.  There are 89 homes listed which match these criteria and the average price per square foot is $204.00.

If you’re searching for a home plan with a master on the main floor, the inventory is out there. You just need to be aware that you could pay a premium for this feature and you may need to rethink some of the attributes that take up additional lot space.  Having an agent who is an expert on these issues is essential in this market.

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